Torin Big Red Hydraulic Bottle Jack

Torin manufacturers boast of two dominant flagships; the Big Red and Black Jack. These two product lines have various premium quality bottle jacks that are among the pacesetters in the global market. The Torin brand is definitely known for its exquisitely crafted designs. This portable hydraulic jack features a wide and robust bottom that works well for stability. There is no doubt that cars are heavy, they need a sturdy and stable device to lift securely. The flat sturdy base ensures the bottle jack does not sink under pressure.


What users love most about the Torin Big Red hydraulic 2 Ton Capacity Bottle Jack is the adjustable screw on top. This screw allows users to adjust the jack to the height they need so they can put in a jack stand. With the car properly supported, users can then go on to raise the tires. This bottle jack really comes in handy for both home and commercial use. It’s portable enough to fit into the car trunk. Don’t think its’ size takes away from its capacity; it has a lifting range of 7.09 to 13.39 inches.

Key Features:

》4,000 lbs capacity

》Drop forged alloyed steel construction

》Inner/outer welded form ensures leak free operation

》1 year limited manufacturer’s warranty


》Brand Torin

》Model T90203B

》Weight 5.42 pounds

Hydraulics are powered by premium quality oil that prevents corrosion, Piston ram uses a Y-style polyurethane sealing ring to prevent slipping, Meets up with ASME safety standards.

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