Torin Big Red Air Hydraulic Bottle Jack

The Torin Big Red Air Hydraulic 20 Ton Capacity Bottle Jack really offers upon power. When talking about the top heavy-duty bottle jacks, the 20 Ton Torin is definitely up there. It is built for heavyweights that other regular jacks may not have the capacity to lift. The heavy-duty steel construction ensures users enjoy the convenience of lifting heavyweight vehicles in a breeze. The 20-ton bottle jack gives users the option of operating this jack manually or pneumatically.

Operating a bottle jack pneumatically entails making use of gas or pressurized air to power the unit. This suggests a more hands-free and effective operation. So, regardless of what this bottle jack is needed for, it will definitely perform. Bottle jacks are mostly used to lift cars, trucks, and trailers. However, not all bottle jacks have the capacity to lift the varying weights. This bottle jack has the capacity to lift vehicles of up to 40,000 lbs. This definitely provides the versatility of use; lifting other heavyweight items without stress. It’s safe to say that this would be more suitably used for commercial purposes.

Weighing 32 pounds, it has a heavy-duty air motor that provides optimum lifting power. Bottle jacks make use of pumping systems to move oil in the cylinders. This is done by moving the jack handle to build enough pressure. The Torin bottle jack features a two-piece handle that enhances the ease and speed of pumping.

Key Features:

Safety valve to prevent overloading

4 feet hose will multi-directional swivel

Fast air pump for swift pumping

Hardened alloy-coating for enhanced durabilitySpecification:


Brand Torin

Model TA92006

Weight 32 pounds

Can be used to lift buses and trailers, Lifts up to 20-1/8 inches, Goes easy on compressors.

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