History of the Hydraulic Jack

Jack is a very magical English word. There will be different meanings on different occasions.

In this article, we are going to talk about the story of the jack.

For many people, the most familiar ones are probably the jacks in the car, or the jacks and lifts seen in the garage.

According to statistics, more than half of every 100 jacks in the world are produced in China. Among them, Changshu Tongrun Auto Parts Co., Ltd. has made great contributions to this as a global large-scale jack production base. As a company with a production history of more than half a century, its well-known brands such as BIG RED, BLACK JACK, TCE, YELLOW JACKET, ROADDAWG have occupied a large share of the European and American markets. Among them, the BIG RED brand dominates the global jack industry, especially the North American market.

“TORIN” has a high brand awareness in the domestic and foreign markets, and is listed as “the export brand of key cultivation and development” by the Ministry of Commerce of China.


As an ancient tool, jack has its own unique position in the history of human development. It has been promoted and widely used.

As a special tool, the jack has a lot of stories. The most famous thing is to “carry a city with a jack!”

It seems to be crazy now, but it happened in Chicago in 1858.

In the era of horse-drawn carriages and steam engines in the mid-nineteenth century, there were no large cranes.

Chicago is adjacent to Lake Michigan. Due to the low terrain, rainwater cannot be automatically discharged into the lake. When it rains, the ground is like a swamp. There is no reliable sewage system in the city. The domestic garbage generated after the population is gathered is dumped at will. The harsh environmental sanitation causes the infectious diseases such as typhoid fever and dysentery to take turns. A cholera outbreak in 1854 killed 6% of the urban population.


Therefore, it is extremely urgent to solve the problem of drainage and drainage in cities. The city has been built, how to repair the waterway under the building? Engineer Ellis S. Chesbrough gave a crazy plan to jack up the city, build a higher urban road, and build a sewer under the road.



This program was eventually approved and approved by the government in 1856. After that, it was a city that has been vigorously reformed for several years. After the building was dug away from the foundation, the jack was picked up a little and a new support was built below. In 1858, the first building with a weight of 750 tons was successfully lifted. In the same year, more than 50 buildings of this magnitude and even larger were lifted and rebuilt. The most representative is that the jack also jacked up a 98-meter-high block and was lifted to a weight of 35,000 tons. The entire project took only 5 days, during which the citizens’ work and life were as usual.


After the completion of the project, the city’s health level in Chicago has risen to a new era.

The greater significance of this sensational project is that the importance of sewers is transmitted to planners in every modern city, and many cities have begun to build sewers.

It can be seen that the jack not only changes the health status of a city, but also changes the concept of urban planning.

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