The ABC’s of Hydraulic Vehicle Jacks

A jack is a tool for lifting heavy objects.

Car jacks are the main lifting tools that are indispensable for car maintenance and repair.

How to choose a safe, reliable, easy to use, beautiful appearance and cost-effective jack has become a concern of many car owners and car maintenance agencies.

According to the type of transmission, the jack can be divided into three types: mechanical transmission, hydraulic transmission and inflation. Mechanical jacks use threads to lift heavy objects, hydraulic jacks use hydraulic power to lift heavy objects, and inflatable jacks use airbags to inflate heavy objects.

Due to the development of technology, hydraulic jacks have become the mainstream.

The vertical (bottle) jack has a high top height and is suitable for vehicles with a high center of gravity.

vertical (bottle) jack

The horizontal jack is at the top and the height is high. Due to the structure, the operation is carried out outside the car, which is convenient.

horizontal jack

Jacks are usually marked with the maximum weight they can lift (eg 10 tons).

The emergency jacks used in cars are mostly scissor jacks, one is to save storage space, the other is lighter weight, and the third is cheaper.

scissor jack

The parent company of TORIN is China Changshu Tongrun Auto Parts Co., Ltd. Founded in 1954, it is a professional enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing and sales of various hydraulic jacks. It is a large-scale jack production base in the world. The cumulative total production of jacks exceeds 150 million units, with an annual production capacity of 18 million units. The products cover more than 140 countries and regions around the world!

The company’s main products are various types of jacks and their extended vehicle maintenance and repair equipment. Including commercial jacks, professional jacks, car jacks, car lifts, four categories of more than 2000 products. Private brands are: BigRed, Black Jack, Torin, Performance, TCE and more. Among them, BIGRED has become a world-renowned brand and has a large market share in North America.


Large global supermarkets (such as Costco, Sears, Walmart), professional auto parts hardware supermarkets (such as Autozone, AAP), internationally renowned auto dealers (such as Ford, GM, Volkswagen, Renault, Nissan, etc.) are their customers.

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