How to use the jack correctly when changing tires.

Spare tires are an important part of the car, and the necessary jacks for wheel replacement are important accessories for spare tires. Many drivers do not know how to use the jack, and the use of the jack in the wrong place will cause catastrophic damage to the vehicle.Here are three tips to remember when using a car jack.

1. The trolley jack cannot be used for carts

Jacks can generally be divided into rack jacks, screw jacks, hydraulic jacks and inflatable jacks. The most common among the jacks equipped with cars is the rack jack, because it has the advantages of light weight, small size and easy storage. Generally, the jacks equipped with cars are under 1.5 tons, and the off-road vehicles are usually equipped with jacks that can carry about 2.5 tons. Therefore, large cars must not use the jacks of small cars to avoid potential safety hazards when repairing vehicles. Torin’s Big Red Jacks allow you to avoid worries with high quality and cost-effectiveness.

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2. The vehicle must be stopped before using the jack

If the vehicle is not completely fixed before the vehicle is lifted, it is likely to slip due to the sliding of the vehicle during the support. Once the car slips off the jack, the damage to the tool is second. If the person who causes the under-car repair is injured, it should be too bad. The correct use of the jack needs to stop the car, pull up the hand brake, manually stop the car into the first gear or reverse gear, the automatic car must be hooked into the P gear. Jacks must be used on hard and smooth roads. If they are used on relatively soft ground, such as mud roads or sand roads, it is recommended to use wooden boards or stone slabs under the jacks before use to reduce the pressure. Prevent the jack from sinking. If you use Torin Big Red Steel Jack Stands after the vehicle is jacked up, it will make the operation safer.

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3, the wrong support point will damage the chassis

Many car owners have never used or personally replaced spare tires, and have not read the introduction to the use of jacks and support points in the vehicle manual. The bottom of the car has special support points for supporting the jack. The support point of the car is usually on the inside of the side skirt, with a fin, about 8 inches behind the front wheel and about 8 inches in front of the rear wheel. This fin is protruding from the chassis steel plate and can withstand relatively large pressures. If the jack is supported on the steel plate of the chassis, it is likely to cause unnecessary damage to the chassis. In addition, the support on the suspended lower arm is also an incorrect operation. If the jack slips down the vehicle, the chassis and the jack will be damaged. Torin’s Black jacks are easy to operate, so you can master them when you get started.

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In addition, the jack rocker arm of many cars is a split structure, which needs to be rotated after connecting with the matching wrench and sleeve. Therefore, in the process of lifting the jack, the force should be even, and should not be too fast or too strong.

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