You can now spec your Bentley Bentayga with carbon fibre wheels

Great news for those who were thinking about buying a Bentayga but always thought it was around 24kg too heavy – Bentley’s Mulliner division has developed an all-new 22-inch wheel that’s made exclusively from carbon fibre. 

Yep, it apparently took five years of engineering in collaboration with Italian composite manufacturer Bucci Composites, but later this year you’ll be able to order the wheels for your 2.4-tonne SUV. What a relief!

The carbon wheels save 6kg per corner over their aluminium counterparts and Bentley says that not only are these the largest carbon wheels in production, they’re also the first to pass full TÜV testing.

Final sign off was granted after testing at the Nürburgring (because of course it was) and apparently the stiffness of the carbon makes for reduced tyre wear and increased safety. The latter is because when the wheel receives a high impact, the carbon weave pulls apart and air loss from the tyre can be gradual, as opposed to the instant deflation you’d get with the same impact on an aluminium rim.  

There’s no word on price as of yet, but given the expertise that went into developing these wheels, don’t expect them to be cheap. And lord help your bank balance if you ever kerb one…


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