The Audi AI:ME looks quite good on the move

Audi’s dinky electric concept has been enjoying the Las Vegas strip

Revealed at last year’s Shanghai Motor Show, the AI:ME is one of four autonomous, electric concepts Audi’s shown since 2017. Each one is tailored to a specific kind of driving – the AI:CON is for long-distance cruising, the AI:RACE for, erm, racing, and the AI:TRAIL for off-roading.

The AI:ME is a little city car Audi says is more of a “partner for its passengers”. An “empathetic mobility partner” that can predict the wants and needs of its occupants. It’s chosen CES and the streets of Vegas to demonstrate the AI:ME’s capabilities, which include ordering food you’d like to arrive at your destination at the exact same time as you.

At the show Audi will also demo a 3D mixed reality head-up display co-developed with Samsung, and its latest micromirror LED headlights among other things.


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