Tesla Pickup Truck Rendered In 3D With Full Interior & Underside Views

These 3D Tesla truck renders are quite slick, but some elements are a bit off.

Fancy a Tesla truck in 3D? You’re in luck as these latest Tesla pickup truck renders get the full-on dimensional treatment for use in various digital formats.

While we like the rad appearance of these latest renders and appreciated the fact that we get to see the interior too, there are a few issues.

First, these renders look more like the Tesla Semi transformed into a pickup truck. Second, the underside reveals what appears to be gas tanks, as well as a conventional driveshaft. And that single front seat would never fly on a pickup truck.

Regardless of the aforementioned problems, a few tweaks here and there and this would make fora killer Tesla truck.

Grab a look at it in this extensive gallery:

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