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TCE – Torin Commercial Equipment makes the best commercial car lift program. Each torin car lift is designed using state of the art equipment. Ranging from our ALI Certified commercial car lift 10000 lb lift two post, 9000 lb garage equipment 4 post lift, and our 7000 lb car lift.

Our ALI Certified Two-Post Car It has low profile 2 post lift arms. The low profile 2 post car lift arms are a standard narrow 2 post lift position and has a standard 12-foot low lift car hoist height. We offer a tall lift height kit.

We promote the best 4 post lift reviews to rank as the perfect solution for narrow 4 post car lift. The narrow lift and optional short low lift car hoist will be the best solution for a low clearance car lift and the best quality low profile 4 post lift you can find. Search our quality 4 post lift reviews to see exceptional quality. We provide specific 4 post lift dimensions to help purchasing a quality 4 post lift.

We have multiple Torin lift 4 post lift accessories available, including a 4 post lift jack, an alignment kit that can fit on any 4 post low profile auto lift with a 200” runway. TCE does not offer 4 post jack stands. TCE always has the best 4 post car lift reviews when purchasing a 4 post car lift with jacks.

The T4-AK is accessible to use on any 4 post car lift with jacks making this kit the best and most affordable low profile car lift available. Each of the best 4 post car lift reviews on hobby or a professional narrow lift is the perfect solution with low lift car hoist alignments in your shop.

TCE also manufactures; transmission shop equipment, high position hoist stand, stubby hydraulic bottle jack, low profile garage jacks, car hoist parts, and much more.

We can always help with bottle jack problems and low profile auto lift questions. 

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