Rimac confirms track-focused versions of the 1,887bhp C_Two

And it’ll be this car that’ll go for a Nürburgring lap production car record, too

Yes folks, 1,887bhp and 0-62mph in less than two seconds is now considered ‘usable’, at least in the lexicon of Croatian EV hypercar maker Rimac. That’s the aim for the upcoming C_Two: a car that can simultaneously read your face, and then reorganise it in amusing fashion using outright speed.

However, when pressed on whether this particular car will attempt a record at the Nürburgring, Rimac boss Mate said no. Sorta. “That would interest me,” he told TG, “but maybe not with the C_Two.

“We’ve made some choices [with this car], like having electric power seats and more usable, everyday tyres, not something like Trofeo Rs. So we can’t break the record of the VW ID R, or the Nio EP9, both of which are racecars.”

As we’ve mentioned, the C_Two is supposed to be the reliable, daily driver EV hypercar. Which leaves space for something a little punchier. “Future variants of the car will be more track-focused,” Mate told us, “so maybe we’ll go for the record. Definitely we are thinking about this kind of stuff.”

Indeed, not just him. Whatever your opinion on the merits of a Nürburgring lap time and how that equates to a car’s skiddy prowess, car makers can’t stop benchmarking it. “I’m not sure if you know this, but when you start to design a car, especially a high performance car, with every manufacturer there are goals.

“0-100kmh acceleration. Top speed. And so on. And always, one of the topics is a Nürburgring time, and how many laps you can do before the battery overheats. We are developing a car in the same way, so we look at simulations on the track all the time.”

He notes how the C_Two’s current development programme is taking it around different circuits. But he hasn’t yet tackled the Nürburgring in in just yet, and anyway, that’s not the point of the C_Two.

“It’s not built to be the fastest car around there,” Mate says. “But you can have fun there. In the end, what customers like is not being one second quicker around the ‘Ring, but having fun in the car, not just on the track but – safely – on the road too.”

Yes folks, 1,887bhp and 0-62mph in less than two seconds is now also considered ‘fun’.


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