JCB’s Fastrac Two is officially the fastest tractor in the world

Guinness World Records crowns 135.91mph JCB as world’s quickest tractor

JCB has broken the record for the world’s fastest tractor. Its Fastrac Two hit a two way average of 135.91mph at Elvington Airfield in York.

The run eclipses the previous record-breaking speed of 103.6mph, set back in June this year with JCB’s Fastrac One.

Changes over the One include a more streamlined body, and lowering the tractor’s overall weight by ten per cent. Indeed, the peak speed recorded one way was 153.771mph.

The Fastrac is based on a “standard, commercially available JCB Fastrac”, and the record was certified by Guiness World Records who confirmed the tractor had completed two runs in either direction through a speed trap set 1km apart, within the allotted time.

“Getting a five-tonne tractor to safely reach 150mph, and stop again, is not an easy task,” said JCB’s innovation and growth officer Tim Burnhope, “but we’re all so proud to have not only reached these goals, but to have exceeded them.”


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