Genesis G80 Spied at the Nürburgring

While the Coronavirus is hitting so hard the auto industry, cancelling the Geneva Motor Show and much more events that means a concentration of many people, some brands will make their presentation through the web, like Hyundai, and while that we have a new set of spy pictures of the long-awaited Genesis G80 that is still rolling around the Nürburgring while waiting for its final reveal.

What we know so far?

Latest updated: Hyundai Motor Group suspended production at one of its factories in South Korea’s Ulsan city after a worker tested positive for coronavirus is stopped due to the possitive analysis. Models affected are the GV80, Palisade, Santa Fe & Tucson. While Hyundai recently stopped production of the current G80, is expected that the start of mass production of the G80 will began soon is still an enigma due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

According to the last interview of Genesis former Boss Manfred Fitzgerald with Car and Driver, he confirmed. “We will have a brand-new G80 coming out this September in Korea and subsequently on global markets. With that car, you will see the next evolution of our design language,” Fitzgerald added. Now Fitzgerald departed and William Lee takes the role as Genesis boss.

As you know, the G80 was delayed and Genesis have launched the GV80 instead, just with the 3.0 Diesel engine. The problem was confirmed and the reason of the delay was many minor issues on the 2.5-Liter Theta III & 3.5-liter Lamdba III Turbo enginee. This engine are set to delivery 286 hp and 380 hp respectively and will use a 8-speed in-house wet DCT transmission.

The delay on the development of this engines will affect several models like the GV80 and G80, but should be fixed at the time of the launch of GV70, G70 facelift and Stinger Facelift. That’s why they decided to move up the GV80 launch (for a SUV it is more easy to sell in Diesel in South Korea while they finish the issues with the Gasoline engines, as the sales of G80 with diesel engines were too low to launch a new genetarion only with a diesel engine available).

The reports we have received says will be revealed in South Korea, but also sources from inside Hyundai Motor Group have said Genesis will attend Geneva Motor Show on March 5th and could release GV80 and G80 together at swiss event.

The G80 will be the first Genesis car to have an EV variant, that will arrive in 2021. Range or performance have not confirmed yet. After that Genesis will also launch a Mid-sized SUV that will be only electric, as we have informed yesterday.


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