Essential DIY Car Repair and Maintenance Tools

It is a fact that regular maintenance and care can exponentially increase the life of a car and durability of its components. That being said, knowing how and what to repair in your car is critical.

What tools are necessary? In the list of Must-have Car Tools, in addition to Lug Wrench, Spark Plug Spanner, Adjustable Wrenches, Plier Set, Screwdriver Set, Hammer Set, Tire Inflator, Ratchet and Socket Set, Combination Wrench, Car Multimeter, Impact Gun, Oil Filter Wrench In addition to tools such as Flash and Flashlight, the most important ones are Floor Jack and Jack Stand.

Floor Jack

An essential tool for lifting your car off the ground, a hydraulic floor jack is a must for every car owner. Be sure to know the curb weight of your vehicle so that the jack you choose has sufficient load rating to handle the weight of your car. The curb rating must be at least half or greater than the curb weight of the vehicle. Secondly, go in for a long-frame jack that can horizontally reach the jacking point of the vehicle. Thirdly, check whether the arm of the jack is long enough to vertically reach the frame member and lift the vehicle.

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Jack Stand

A floor jack should always be used along with two sturdy jack stands that must be placed at their factory-recommended slots. This additional supports ensure that you remain safe while working on the frame member of the car. Even though jack stands are effective, they may prove unsteady on the asphalt floor. To resolve this issue, place the stands on some plywood.

Torin has nearly 10 varieties of Jack stand, from 6 tons to 3 tons, can meet different needs. On the premise of ensuring safety, Torin’s Jack stand has a clear price advantage. Click the picture below to view details.

Wheel Chocks

You may think you don’t need it, until you find your car rolling ahead of you while you’re still repairing the underside of the car. This small tool has no other purpose but to act as a stopper and well … a lifesaver. Wheel chocks become indispensable if you ever find yourself having to fix your vehicle on a steep road. Make sure the chocks accommodate the size of the vehicle’s wheel and are the perfect fit.

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Apart from these, an oil tray, creeper, and plenty of rags are some other essentials you will need while working on your car.

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