EarthRoamer XV-HD Super Camper Can Be Yours for $1.7 Million

There’s a scene in Pulp Fiction where hit man Jules (played by Samuel L. Jackson) tells his partner Vincent (John Travolta) that he’s quitting and wants to “walk the earth—like Caine in Kung Fu. Walk from place to place, meet people—get in adventures.” Well, when Jules gets tired of walking, can we recommend the EarthRoamer XV-HD? It’s the ultimate luxury vehicle, and it’s been made for off-road, off-the-grid adventures. That’s provided of course if you can foot the $1.7 million price tag—which doesn’t count additional amenities.

The new XV-HD is hand built in Colorado and utilizes a 4WD Ford F-750 chassis with a 6.7-liter Power Stroke V-8 diesel engine making 330 horsepower and 725 lb-ft of torque.  “The HD is our most innovative product yet,” said Tyler Tatro, EarthRoamer honcho, in a statement. “It utilizes state-of-the-art construction and systems to bring comfort and functionality to the next level.” The rig is 35 feet long, 8.5 feet wide, and 13.2 feet tall—so, yeah, it’s big. It boasts 12 inches of ground clearance, and an approach angle of 46 degrees, a departure angle of 23 degrees, and a breakover angle of 12 degrees. It’ll carry 115 gallons of diesel, 250 gallons of fresh water, 125 gallons of gray water, 125 gallons of black water, and packs a lithium-ion battery array that can store 20 kWh of energy. Its roof-mounted solar-power system is rated at 2100 watts.

Designed to accommodate up to six people, the super-sized EarthRoamer also rolls on massive 46-inch Michelin XVLs. It has a rear air suspension with Fox shocks, hydraulic automatic leveling, a hydraulic front 30,000-pound winch, Baja Designs LED lights, and a PTO driven hydraulic generator. Inside, it features a full bathroom with a separate shower, a dry bath, washer/dryer, full kitchen, in-floor radiant heating, a booming Bose Surround Sound entertainment system, plenty of kitchen conveniences in the galley, and top-of-the-line King Ranch trim in the cab.

EarthRoamer has been designing and building self-sufficient expedition vehicles of various sizes for wealthy adventurers and even celebrities since 1998; the company says three of these XV-HDs have hit the road since its debut at the 2017 SEMA show, with three more in production. Interested? A deposit well into six figures is required to get a place in line.


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