T4-4 Oil Drop Tray - (Set of 3)




The TCE T4-4 Oil Drip Trays are designed to be used as lightweight oil pans to prevent spills and leaks from hitting your car or the garage floor. The oil drip trays are manufactured for use with oil and water-based fluids. Ideal for use with TCE 4 post car lifts and similar models (sold separately) or for use as a driveway oil residue eliminator.

Features and Benefits

  • Drip pans can be positioned on a lift or under your vehicle to catch the constant drip from a vehicle's drive train to prevent the nuisance of stains on driveways
  • Product Dimensions: 37in.L x 17.5in.W x 2.5in.H

What's Included

  • Drip Trays (3)

Shipping Dimensions:     38 x 24 1/2 x 3

GW: 5-lbs.

Warning Statements:

  • Product is only designed for use engine oil, gear oil, and transmission fluids. Do not use with any other type of chemicals or petroleum products. Maximum capacity 10-lbs over 931 cubic inches of area.

2 Ton Rolling Bridge Jack - Hydraulic/Pneumatic - Manual Locking




This TCE T4-2RBJ Rolling Four-Post Bridge Jack is a “must have” for any Auto Shop that wants to perform wheel service on a 4-Post or Scissor Lift. The bridge jack is used to raise the front or rear portion of a vehicle off the runways allowing operators to perform brake jobs and suspension work easy. Each jack has telescoping arms and frame contact pads that can be extended over the runways and positioned under vehicle lifting points. The telescoping rail supports accommodate most manufacturers adjustable runways for different runway widths. Most customers choose to purchase a pair of rolling bridge jacks allowing the entire vehicle to elevated. The jack comes equipped with a commercial-grade air-hydraulic pump requiring a maximum pressure of 125 PSI and 10-20 CFM

Features and Benefits

  • 4,400-lbs. lifting capacity
  • Lifting Height w/out rubber blocks 18.7”
  • Commercial-grade air-hydraulic pump
  • Multi position safety locking system
  • Matted powder coat finish
  • Rugged steel construction
  • Long adjustable lifting arms for maximum vehicle lifting point contact range
  • TCE Rolling Bridge Jacks are designed to fit several different brands of car lift.
  • Most customers choose to purchase a pair of rolling bridge jacks allowing the entire vehicle to elevated                                                                                                                

What's Included

  • Rolling Bridge Jack (1)
  • Commercial-grade air-hydraulic pump (1)
  • 2” Rubber Blocks (6)

 (Air Compressor Not Included)

Additional Requirements: This unit requires an additional purchase of an air compressor to run the air locking system.



Key Specs

US Standard inch

Global Standard mm

Weight Capacity

4400 lbs

2000 kg

Overall Width (Arms In)


985 mm

Overall Width (Arms Out)


1510 mm

Min. Lifting Height


215 mm

Max. Lift Height (w/ Lift Pad)


475 mm

Minimum Outrigger / Slide Arm Width


985 mm

Maximum Outrigger / Slide Arm Width


1110 mm

Max. Lift Height** (w/ Sm. Adapter)


265 mm

Max. Lift Height** (w/ Lg. Adapter)


315 mm

Max. Lift Height** (w/ Both Adapters)


365 mm

2" Lifting Pad Diameter

6.3 x 4.7 x 2

160 x 120 x 50 mm

Lock Mechanism

Multi Point Manual


Power Unit

Air / Hydraulic


Manufacturer Warranty

2 Year Limited


Shipping Dimensions L x W x H (in.)

39 x 21.7 x 13

990 x 550 x 330 mm

Gross Weight

264 lbs



Alignment Kit w/ Front Turn Plates




The TCE T4-AK kit will convert a general service 4 post lift into an alignment rack quickly and easily. It is designed with today’s camera based alignment machines with a roll back kit as a standard feature along with aluminum alloy front turn plates and built in rear slip plates. This kit covers the entire top of the lift giving the lift a built-in alignment rack appearance.

This alignment kit is the perfect solution to considering performing two wheel or four wheel alignments in your shop. The TCE alignment kit can be used on a variety of four post above ground lifts.

The alignment kit is adjustable and is made to accommodate a variety of competitor four posts with different length runways.

Traditional permanent alignment kits found on four post alignment lifts are recessed into the runways of the lift, making it difficult to prevent dirt, chemicals, and other foreign material from becoming embedded in the rolling or sliding mechanisms of the turn tables or the slip plates. The TCE alignment kit is positioned above the runways to allow easy access for service and cleaning. Even though the kits is permanently mounted, it can still be removed periodically to allow a thorough cleaning and servicing of all moving parts.

The complete alignment kit consists of a set of front turn tables, wheel stops, center runway platforms, and approach ramps, and a set of heavy duty ball bearing slip plates. The slip plate ball bearing are deigned to be easily replaceable as your alignment kit ages with time. The kit is deigned to be permanently attached (bolted) to your four post above ground lift.

The alignment kit may also be used on any level surface (i.e. concrete floor) to facilitate the use of your four wheel or two-wheel computer alignment system. This feature allows the kit to be portable on for last minute adjustments at the race track or roadside service calls.

The TCE alignment kit can be added or removed as needed, and can turn almost any level four post lift in the shop into an alignment lift.

Features and Benefits

  • Convert a general service 4 post lift into an alignment rack quickly and easily
  • Designed for use with today’s camera alignment machines with a roll back kit as a standard feature
  • Precision aluminum alloy front turn plates
  • Adjustable made to accommodate a variety of competitor four posts with different length runways
  • Portable for last minute adjustments at the race track or roadside service calls
  • Can be used on any level surface (i.e. concrete floor)

What’s Included

  • (2) Aluminum front turn plates
  • (2) Rear ball bearing slip plates
  • (2) Runway kits
  • (2) Runway stops

Designed in USA

Caster Kit - (set of 4)




This Torin TCE Caster Kit for 4-Post Lifts features a set of 4 heavy-duty polyurethane-coated wheels designed to fit TCE 4-post lifts. The smooth rolling casters allow the lift to be repositioned and relocated on flat, level concrete surfaces, even with a vehicle positioned on the runways. Includes brackets, pins and hardware.

 Company Brief:

Founded in 1954 Torin® produces quality automotive products for service professionals. As a manufacturer, a marketer and a developer of automotive maintenance equipment and automotive products. Torin® strives to provide our customers with the highest level of customer service and quality products. For many years, we have been considered by people throughout the garage industry as being the premier lifting equipment and toolbox manufacturer. Our newest brand “TCE” brings the professional market the same pride, dependability and service, automotive professionals have trusted for the last 50 years.

Features and Benefits

  • 4 heavy-duty non-marring casters have a combined capacity rating of 8,000 lbs.
  • Casters rotate 360 degrees for easy maneuvering
  • Polyurethane coating helps to prevent floor damage
  • Smooth-rolling design glides across flat, level concrete surfaces with less than 3 degrees of slope
  • Quick and easy no-tool assembly and disassembly
  • Can move a vehicle on the runways, allowing you to store a vehicle in tight spaces
  • Durable powder coat finish


Note: (This kit is not designed to store vehicles on caster, this kit is only designed to roll lift into desired lift location with vehicle on lift. Do not use on a slope greater than 3 degrees.)


What's Included

  • (1) Hardware kit
  • (4) Swiveling casters
  • (4) Caster brackets
  • (4) Removable installation pins
  • (4) Cotter pins


Product Dimensions: 29.88 x 7.25 x 9.75-inch

Product Shipping Dimensions: 36 x 20 x 15-inch

GW: 60 lbs.




Safety Warnings:

  1. Do not exceed rated capacity.
  2. Use only on a hard, level surface, with less than 3 degrees of slope.
  3. Chalk and block vehicle with appropriate means before lifting or moving.
  4. No alterations shall be made to this product.
  5. Only attachments and/or adapters supplied by the manufacturer shall be used.
  6. Failure to heed these markings may result in personal injury and/or property damage.

Long ARM Assembly Kit




Long Arm Assembly Kit - Fits T10000-20H, (3S3), (33L) and CE T11000-2OH, (3S3), (33L)


Truck Adapter Kit




Rubber Pad Assembly - (Set of 4)

rubber pad assembly



Rubber Block Pad for T10000-2OH and T11000-2OH Series of Lift (4 pcs)

rubber oad



Power Unit

power unit




2 Post Extension Kit (2FT) - for T10000-2OH-33 and T11000-2OH-33 Series Two Post Lifts





Replacement Cable





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