Buying Guide: How to Buy a Floor Jack

There are some things to remember when searching for a car floor jack. Even though your friend recommends Jack, he’s been using it for a long time on his Ford Raptor. That unique model may be worthless for your own Benz. Here are a few of the key selling factors you need to pay attention:

Lift Capacity

This is probably the first thing you need to pay attention to and the most meaningful something. Generally, based on a ton, 2 ton and 3-ton floor jacks are the most common. You have to make sure that the maximum weight the Jack can carry exceeds the weight you must lift.

Remember, you don’t usually put the weight of the entire car on the Jack, because you only lift one corner. If you plan to lift somewhere under the engine, that’s 50% or 60% of the automotive’s weight. Transmission jack could be your choice. If you want to lift the whole car body, you need a car lift for home garage.

Generally speaking, a 2-ton floor jack is usually used for small and medium-sized cars (small cars, sports cars, economy mid-size cars), while 3-ton floor jack is best for medium and full-size vehicles, as well as most trucks and vans. If you are unsure of the weight you need, we suggest you choose a 3-ton floor jack. If you have a heavy vehicle like a Ford F-550, you may need a 4-ton hydraulic floor jack.


You can see that the floor jack is made of steel, aluminum, or a combined mix of both. Metal is common and generally cheaper than the aluminum models. Its most significant disadvantages are that it’s a lot heavier, less portable. The aluminum jacks are definitely what all automotive owners want because it is robust and straightforward but lighter and more portable.

The negative side is that you often pay a premium. Both options are excellent, but if you are also considering using a monitor or drag bar, you will choose a lighter model, preferably an aluminum jack.

Minimum Clearan Height

In the past, floor jacks have a typical profile. Now, with so many vehicles having low clearance (whether factory or aftermarket specifications), low profile floor jacks are becoming more and more popular. Some models right now require significantly less than 3 inches of floor clearance to operate.

Some vehicles, such as sports cars or racing cars, sit lower than others. Compared with the owner of a Honda Civic, the owner of a Corvette C6 has fewer floor jacks to choose from. You have to make sure that the model you choose will fit your vehicle.

Maximum Lift Height

This refers to the height at which the lift arm lifts your car to the highest point. Most high-quality jacks have a height of up to 18-20 inches maximum. In contrast, a typical scissor jack can lift a vehicle up to 15 inches. These 3-5 inches height can make a big difference.

Lift Speed

The lifting speed of the floor jack is measured by the number of pumps required to reach the maximum lifting height. No matter which Jack you choose, you can count on it to be faster than a screw jack. Most floor jacks seem to require 12-18 strokes to reach full height.

Some models publicity “rapid lifting program” that usually uses two cylinders to lift, and it takes 5-6 strokes to complete the height. In most cases, the people who need to manage the pumps more need the leasing effort. However, the differences are usually negligible.

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