BIG NEWS: It’s Road Dawg Black-Tech!

Recently, a professional adjustable hydraulic horizontal jack developed by TORIN has obtained invention patents from China and the United States and put into trial production (China Patent No.: ZL200910182545.8; US Patent No.: US8, 297, 595B2), its black technology blessing fills the gap in similar products in the world market. The product was unveiled at the Automotive Aftermarket Product Expo (AAPEX) in Las Vegas, and was well received by users.

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Different from similar products, this ROAD DAWG brand of professional adjustable hydraulic horizontal jack is equipped with two pump cores. In the state of empty load, the two pumps work at the same time, so that the jack can quickly reach the vehicle chassis to lift the vehicle; when the load is a single pump, the jack can be lifted at a constant speed, thereby improving the practicality when using, which is the product “Fast rise” black technology features. At the same time, the jack also has a “slow release” function, which slowly drops under load, which improves the safety of non-professional operations, and the jack is that the rate of no-live load drop is faster.

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The product’s lifting arm can be folded, which is also one of the black technology of the product. In the unfolded state, the maximum load is 2 tons, and its top height is only 3.86 inches, which can fully meet the needs of low-centered racing cars; after folding the boom, the maximum load is 3 tons, and the minimum top height is 9.65. Inches, 23 inches, 27 inches, 28.5 inches, up to the highest 30 inches. Because the height can be easily and quickly adjusted, the jack is not only suitable for jacking up a light-duty car with a low chassis, but also for a heavy-duty car with a high chassis, so it has a wide range of applications.

In addition, the hydraulic main parts of the jack are also made of special high-quality materials and precise processing technology. The inner cylinder wall is polished with extremely high precision to reduce wear. O-rings are made of a polyurethane material that is more costly and better than rubber and silicone, making it safer and has a longer life cycle.

This professional adjustable hydraulic horizontal jack is still listening to further market reactions in order to achieve more perfect results.

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