Toyota Promises Two New 2022 Electric Models and a Plug-In Hybrid

Today Toyota announced that will be unveiling two EVs for the U.S. market as 2022 models. One of the vehicles will be a crossover, while the details of the other are still unknown. Toyota did say that the vehicles are part of a plan to introduce 10 new EVs worldwide in the “early 2020s.” In addition to the EVs, the automaker also plans to unveil a new plug-in hybrid this year that will come to market in 2022.

While Toyota has been and continues to be bullish about its hybrid, plug-in hybrid (PHEV), and hydrogen fuel-cell powertrains, it’s also jumping into the EV world with these new vehicles. Toyota North America executive vice president of sales Bob Carter said on a call announcing the news that the automaker wants “to be the Macy’s department store of powertrains.”

In late December, Toyota announced that it is bringing an electric crossover to the European market, showing the sketch pictured above, and said that it will eventually be available in the U.S. With today’s news, we have a bit more of an idea of the timetable for the release of that vehicle. The automaker is also working on bringing a solid-state-battery-powered vehicle in the early 2020s.

Toyota’s strategy to continue to bring an assortment of electrified vehicles includes the goal to have 40 percent of all new vehicles be electrified by 2025 and 70 percent of all new vehicles be electrified by 2030.

While Toyota has been slower than other automakers to embrace EVs on a mass scale, the automaker points to its decades of hybrid vehicles as proof that it has been a champion of reducing emissions for years.

Source: caranddriver

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