The Elation Freedom is a 1,414-horsepower electric hypercar

The 2020s seem poised to become a golden age of hypercars, particularly electric ones like those from Rimac and Aspark. Granted, the “hypercar” label is kind of undefinable nonsense, but it persists because the mere term “supercar” pales before the stats of this latest wave of road-going machines — both their performance and their lofty prices. The latest hopeful competitor to hit our inbox is the Elation Freedom, a 1,414-horsepower EV.

That power figure, by the way, is with the standard, three-motor configuration. If that’s not quite enough, the company also plans to offer a four-motor version with 1,903 horsepower.

A T-shaped 100kWh structural battery pack within the carbon fiber monocoque chassis feeds those motors and is expected to provide 300 miles of range. An optional 120kWh pack would stretch that to 400 miles. Cascadia Motion, an electric drive company that has developed Formula E motors, is contributing to the Elation powertrain, which includes a single-speed transmission that sends power to the front wheels and a two-speed unit that sends drive to the rear. Interestingly, the company also plans a conventionally powered variant, the Elation Freedom Iconic Collection, that utilizes a 5.2-liter V10 and a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission powering all four wheels.

The Elation will be built in northern California, convenient to its presumed customer base of Silicon Valley plutocrats. Founder Carlos Satulovsky and chief technical officer Mauro Satavia Acosta, however, hail from Argentina, where the car is being engineered by a team that is said to have experience in Formula 1 and endurance racing.

According to its maker, the cars are to be hand-built and the company is aiming to start production by the end of 2022. The electric version will cost $2 million, while the Iconic Collection gas model will go for $2.3 million. That’s a considerable sum, but the EV, at least, may be subject to a federal tax credit. Consult your tax advisor. 

Source: autoblog

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