TCE Customer Serice

TCE Customer Service

How do I purchase TCE Equipment?
If you would like to request more information about our product, please send an email with your inquiries and one of our customer care representatives will respond promptly. 

Does the power unit cord have a male plug?
Our power unit motors normally do not come with a male plug. 220V motors on the power units are only available with either blank “pigtails” or pigtail (the customer must furnish the pigtail). Customers must provide the male and female ends.

Do I need an electrician?
Always use a professional Electrician for the installation of your power unit. The car lift has specific certified electrician must install all electrical wiring.

Is there a two-post lift available that has 14ft of height clearance?
Yes, we supply optionally a 2ft over-height extension kit model: T20H-2

Does the T10000-20H series lift have multiple widths available?
Yes, this lift series comes included with 3 optional width clearances 

Important note:

  • It is recommended to use the Narrow spacing, this is the best application for use with the widest range of vehicles.
  • Wide and Medium spacing should only be used for specialty fabrication, these spacings are not recommended for standard use.
  • Only one width can be chosen during installation.

How tall must the ceiling be to “stack” my cars on my 4-post lift?
Simply add both cars height and 6 inches for the total. This measurement is the lowest ceiling height that will safely “stack” two vehicles.

Can I move my 4-post lift with a vehicle on it?
A 4-post lift should only be moved when it is unloaded. Since the lift is designed to be mounted on the floor it is imperative that it is installed in a safe and designated area. We also recommend that at least two people are involved when moving the lift.

Does my lift come with anchor bolts and/or the hardware to mount to the floor?
All our post lifts come with the appropriate number of anchor bolts to mount the lift to the floor. The customer will be responsible for providing the necessary hydraulic oil for the lift.

I have a slope in in my garage floor. Do I need to be concerned?
To allow water drainage, it is common for garages to have a 1” to 2” slope from the back to the front of the garage. The slope should not exceed 3 degrees of slope to not pose safety risk or enable lift capacity of your lift. Columns can not be “shimmed” with our metal shims.

Note: Four post lifts (with lock ladder columns) can be easily aligned and leveled. The lock ladders’ locking positions may be adjusted so that the runways will be level when raised and/ or in their locked positions.

Monday thru Friday,  8:00 am-4:00 pm PST
Address: 4355 E Brickell St, Ontario, CA 91761

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