“Cloud” came to the Canton Fair

The 127th Canton Fair officially kicked off on June 15. This Canton Fair is held in the “cloud” (online). Using new technologies such as the Internet, big data, cloud computing and AI, this Canton Fair provides more possibilities for online exhibitions, and also has a demonstration significance for similar exhibitions.

Live shopping has now become a new way of life in China, but for foreign trade companies, Live video selling has just begun, and many exhibitors have broadcast live “first shows” at this Canton Fair. Torin, which specializes in jack lifting equipment, is one of them.

Since April 2020, Torin has begun preparations for the “Cloud” Canton Fair. Like many exhibitors, this year’s Canton Fair will be an unprecedented challenge for Torin. Originally participating in traditional exhibitions, as long as it is set up, contacting customers, etc., now not only to prepare samples but also to prepare product recommendation information, do live broadcast speech materials, live interaction and other live broadcast processes, all communication must be completed in front of the camera, as if A self-edited and directed live show.

Although it is impossible to introduce products and negotiate with customers in person, Torin uses pictures, videos, interactive communication, live operation demonstrations and other multi-view live broadcast forms to comprehensively display the characteristics of the product from multiple angles and levels. For example, several products in the lift display area have their own characteristics and can display their functions on the spot, which directly reduces the customer’s experience visual effect.

The current “Cloud” Canton Fair has brought many challenges to exhibitors, but it has also brought more opportunities. Since there is no limitation of on-site display space, exhibitors have more display methods. Buyers can also instantly understand product information without leaving home, and communicate online with exhibitors in a timely manner.

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Since its establishment in 1957, the Canton Fair has never been interrupted.

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